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We take the time to really listen to you. We focus on understanding your legal needs and working with you to create real solutions for you and your family in family law concerns, estate planning and probate matters, and criminal defense cases.

You Can Benefit From A Results-Focused Approach To Your Legal Issue

At Thompson, Wallin & Cunningham, LLC, we take a strategic approach to every case. Whether you need a divorce, an estate plan or criminal defense representation, you can be certain that we will create a resolution that is exclusively for you.

Our lawyers work hard to get to know each of their clients beyond just his or her legal issue. Only after gaining an in-depth understanding of a client’s needs, family situation and legal goals can we begin to develop a strategy for best securing the results he or she needs. We are ready to tailor our approach to resolve your unique situation.

Photo of attorney Cunningham and Wallin
Photo of attorney Cunningham and Wallin

Resolving Family Law, Estate and Probate, and Criminal Law Matters in Newnan

Georgia Family Law Representation That Can Make Your Life Easier

We work hard to keep an open line of communication as we address clients’ family law challenges. You can rely on us to alleviate your concerns, explain your options and make your life easier as we guide you through each step of the legal process. Whether you face a simple, uncontested divorce, a paternity issue or a complex child custody battle requiring a trial, we are ready to help you.

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John B. Cunningham

John B. Cunningham

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Protecting Your Future In Estate Planning And Criminal Defense Cases

You may need an estate plan or a strong defense; in either situation, your future may be at stake.

We understand that estate planning often seems overwhelming, but it is an essential part of planning for the years to come. Your assets should be protected and distributed in the manner you choose. You should also specify the type of end-of-life health care you want to receive and designate powers of attorney for health care concerns and financial matters.

Were you charged with a crime? Depending on the circumstances, you may face lifelong consequences that affect your freedom, your employability and your relationship with your family. We will work hard to protect your rights and future.

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