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At Thompson, Wallin & Cunningham, LLC, we are ready to guide you through the process of legally adopting a child. Adoption is one of our preferred areas of family law because we enjoy helping bring families together. We offer adoptive parents the opportunity to give a child the gift of stability.

While adoption is a wonderful new chapter for most families who follow this path, it can also be a complex, tedious legal process. It is best to undertake this task with the close guidance of an experienced adoption attorney. Attorney Megan Wallin is a skilled adoption lawyer in Newnan who can help you efficiently complete the steps of adoption, saving you time and money.

Helping Families Become Complete

We help unify families through adoptions in Coweta County, Georgia, and elsewhere across the Atlanta metro area. We are available to help with any type of adoption, but we most frequently handle the following:

  • Grandparent adoptions: We help grandparents adopt their grandchildren when parents pass away or are unable to care for their children.
  • Stepparent adoptions: We help stepparents who have parental roles with their stepchildren legally adopt them.
  • Independent adoptions: We help prospective parents adopt children who have come into their lives through private contacts.
  • Adult adoptions: We help adults wishing to legalize parent-like relationships with caregivers, stepchildren and wards (when the prospective parents have been guardians).

A relative, stepparent or third party may wish to adopt a son or daughter for a range of reasons, such as the death of a biological parent, substance abuse issues, mental health issues and other circumstances. Whatever your reasons, if you would like to adopt a child, we can guide you through each step of the process, including terminating biological parents’ rights, navigating home study requirements, legally changing the child’s last name and more.

Contact An Experienced Adoption Lawyer In Newnan

It is beautiful to witness the growth of a family through adoption. It is also a detailed legal procedure that must be approached with care. We look forward to helping you fulfill your goal of adopting a grandchild, stepchild, infant, teenager or adult caregiver.

Beyond adoption, we handle a range of other family law challenges. We offer free initial phone consultations. Call us at 770-683-3663 or reach out to us online.