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Get Timely, Aggressive Representation After An Arrest Or Criminal Investigation

Being the target of an investigation or arrest on suspicion of criminal charges is a critical legal matter. If you have been charged with a crime in Georgia, your freedom and future may be at stake. To stay out of jail, keep your bail low and preserve evidence that may lead to a positive case outcome, you need legal counsel without delay.

Do not simply hope to rely on a court’s public defender when your life’s journey is on the line. Public defenders are often overworked and may not have deep knowledge of your criminal charges. Your future is worth all your best efforts to defend yourself. At Thompson, Wallin & Cunningham, LLC, you will find a criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to get favorable results for you in a criminal case.

Types Of Crimes Our Clients Are Accused Of

You may have never been in trouble with the law before, but now you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or committing fraud in connection with a problematic business deal. Our defense lawyer will fight for your reputation and liberty when you are facing criminal charges such as:

  • Driving with a suspended driver’s license
  • Committing assault, battery or domestic violence
  • Shoplifting or committing a white collar crime
  • Soliciting a minor through the internet or committing other sex crimes, such as sexual assault or child pornography possession
  • Possessing, manufacturing or distributing illegal drugs – street drugs or unauthorized prescription narcotics

Our lawyer has extensive experience practicing in state and municipal courts. Did the police seize your vehicle or cash when they arrested you on suspicion of a drug crime? We are committed to protecting your property rights as well as your constitutional rights.

Time Is Of The Essence – Stay Out Of Jail And Avoid Having A Criminal Record

A criminal arrest or the realization that you are under investigation can be a pivotal moment in your life. Our defense attorney can represent you effectively when there is time to gather fresh evidence about the allegations against you.

We also handle appeals, expungements and juvenile charges. Let us hear from you soon. Get your defense underway by emailing us or calling us at 770-683-3663.