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Plan Your Estate Or Administer A Loved One’s Estate

Having your financial assets, such as personal property, real property, 401(k)s, stocks or bonds, in order upon passing is important for your peace of mind beforehand and can limit the burdens on your family afterward. A will not only helps ensure that your wishes are honored, but it also helps your loved ones avoid stressful legal complexities at a difficult time.

When someone passes away without a will, there is often confusion, and family members have to figure out what needs to be divided. The state of Georgia’s laws spell out how your assets should be divided in case you die intestate (without a will). Most people prefer to have a say in the distribution of their assets. People also hope to protect their families from uncertainties and conflicts.

Our Attorneys’ Approach To Estate Planning

At Thompson, Wallin & Cunningham, LLC, we want to keep your costs down while also being thorough about your estate plan. We offer bundle services, which include:

  • A will
  • A power of attorney (so that you can appoint someone to take care of your financial assets when you are unable to do so yourself)
  • A durable health care form (stating your wishes for medical treatment if you are incapacitated)

Our Lawyers Also Help Clients Take Estates Through Probate

Other services we offer include creating one or more trusts to streamline the transfer of assets to your survivors

Perhaps you are responsible for settling an estate. We can guide you in trust administration as well as through probate after a loved one’s death. We can help you fulfill your duties as an executor or personal representative, such as inventorying the estate, giving legal notices to creditors and heirs or beneficiaries, and distributing assets according to the decedent’s will or Georgia’s laws.

Do You Need To Establish A Guardianship?

Many people think of guardianships as family matters, but these relationships are arranged through probate court. Contact us if:

  • You need to name a guardian for your child(ren) while you are overseas or otherwise unavailable to care for them.
  • You are a grandparent with significant responsibilities for caring for your grandchild(ren) and need the legal status of a guardian to enroll the child(ren) in school or authorize health care.
  • You or a family member needs legal rights to act as a guardian for a minor or an elderly or disabled relative or friend.

Call us to request a review or update of your estate plan, probate responsibilities or guardianship plans today. Call 770-683-3663 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.